Lady Bug
Pom-Poms Needed:
One 1/2" black, one 11/2" red.
Also Needed: Two 5mm wiggle eyes, one black whisker pep, six 5mm black beads.
Pom-Poms Needed:
Three 11/2" orange, four 1"orange, and one 1/2" orange.
Also Needed: 6" * 2" green felt. Glue poms together (use large circles of glue). Trim poms on 4 sides. Top: Slit green felt, glue and roll up into a spiral (figs. 1 and 2). Glue on top. Glue magnetic tape along one side of carrot.
Pencil Caterpillar
Pom-Poms Needed:
Six 1/2" green.
Also Needed: One 31/2 bridge pencil, one black whisker pep, one pair 5mm wiggle eyes, amd 21/2 ,agnetoc tape.
Glue poms to pencil as shown. Add antennae and eyes. Glue on magnetic tape. (Tear a pom-pom off the pointed end when pencil needs sharpening)
Clothes Pin Grasshopper
Pom-Poms Needed:
Three 1" green and one 1/2 green.
Also Needed: One 12" green chenille stem, one 3*2 " green felt, one pair 4mm wiggle eyes, 2 black whisker peps, one clip clothespin, and one 21/2"xsxq piece magnetic tape.
Legs: Cut the chenille stem into 3 equal pieces. To blend, see Fig. 1. Glue legs to clothes pin as shown. Starting with the 1/2" pom, glue pom-poms over legs as shown. Join pom-poms with a drop of glue. Add eyes, antennae, and wings. Glue magnetic tape under clothes pin.
Peas in a Pod
Pom-Poms Needed:
Four 1/2" green and fifteen 1/4" green.
Also Needed: 71/2" * 4" green felt and 1" magnetic tape. Cut out felt pieces. Make 3 pods as shown. Glue pom-poms inside pods. Glue ends of pods together and add leaves. Glue magnetic tape to back of leaves.